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In this technological age, the computer and electronic instrument seems to have replaced the human brain in calculation. The actual fact, there is an almost unlimited treasure in the human brain that remain untapped. "Mental Arithmetic" is the best form of education that can help children tap the unexploited treasure in their brain. It can help your child's arithmetical capability by leaps and bound.

The aim of Smart Brain Mental Arithmetic programme is to provide a well rounded education and to make learning interesting, lively and fun so as to develop children concentration, thinking, observance, reading and writing abilities. This will boost children confidence in overcoming obstacles in their future endeavor as they grow.


The general perception of the people about mental
arithmetic is all about the
magic of numbers and speed. But, real mental arithmetic is the combination of mental and the science of logic.


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Smart Brain is working for the
better next generation using
our Smart Brain Training
Programme. Our programme
is approved and certified by
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